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Casement was born in Sandycove, Dublin on 1 September 1864...

Scroll down the page linked here to listen to President de Valera's oration at Casement's graveside in 1965.

Ever since its arrival in Nigeria, Shell has been despoiling the Niger Delta...

Casement Project
The Casement Project seeks to advance and promote the ideas and objectives of Roger Casement with regard to indigenous peoples throughout the world. (More...)
+ Highlight: Total War in Burma
Burma is one of the world’s poorest countries yet it has an army four times larger than that fielded by Britain, one of the world’s richest countries.
The recent events in East Timor have been marketed by the western media, to the extent to which they have been reported, as a series of unrelated events... As with most myths, it has a slight basis in reality, but even less so than most traditional myths.
Roger Casement’s Journal, coupled with the oral testimonies he recorded during his interviews with the Barbadian overseers, serve as important evidence in the analysis of Europe’s imperial “Heart of Darkness”.
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