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The Irish Constitution
The Irish Constitution faces threats from various sources, including the European Consitution and the Irish government. The purpose of this section is to examine the various means by which the Constitution has been denuded, and the reasons for them.
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A guide to the Irish Constitution on the UCC law department website
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Secondary Legislation - circumventing the Irish parliament.

The Hanrahan Judgement - State, Big Pharma and the Future of Incineration
RTÉ Archives have a new exhibition of clips related to the life of Éamon de Valera. Click on Video Clips to listen to some radio broadcasts by de Valera in which he talks about the constitution he played a major role in bringing about.

In that Constitution, the traditional aspirations of our people for national independence, national unity and the unfettered control of their domestic and foreign affairs have been set as the basic principles of the Law by which we are henceforth to be governed.
- Éamon de Valera, 29 December 1937

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