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The Constitution and the High Court case on Tara

How the only court case taken against the building of the M3 Motorway was destined to fail due to poor decisions.

Justice Ó Dálaigh's 1972 Supreme Court ruling on Tara 

“the Hill of Tara is properly to be regarded as a single unified site and not a series of separate archaeological monuments”.

Editorial, February 2006 - Tara, the Constitution and GMO

The constitutional repercussions of the imminent "field trial" of GMO potatoes near the Hill of Tara.

This new direction on the part of the State might be traced to about 1960, when the process of parcelling out Ireland’s natural resources to multinational corporations began, and its has been proceeding with a singular consistency ever since. All law making and State policy since that date has been aimed, directly or indirectly, at accomplishing the sale of Ireland’s resources and the destruction of its history and heritage. The Constitution, in so far as it upholds the rights of citizens, is the big stumbling-block to be done away with.